Filecoin Conference, Lagos

March, 31st - April, 2nd 2022

3 Days of learning, building and having fun

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It is hard to believe, but the Filecoin network has been in orbit for a year already, following the highly anticipated Filecoin Mainnet Liftoff on October 15th, 2020. In the year since, great achievements have been made towards manifesting Filecoin as an integral component of the decentralized web3 vision. Recently, Filecoin storage providers surpassed 15 exbibytes (EiB) of global, decentralized storage capacity, equivalent to 190 Internet Archives, 45,000 Wikipedias, and 6,850,000 years worth of video calls! Help us celebrate this and other remarkable milestones from the past twelve months, and look ahead to see what is coming next with five days of virtual sessions featuring many key collaborators involved with the Filecoin and decentralized web ecosystems.

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